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We are a proud member of the
75 Series  -  Wall Pan Sign System
Our Pan sign series elegantly gets the message across while keeping a professional look and keeping affordability in mind.  Different pan depths are available upon request and some custom shapes can also be accommodated.  Simply Contact Us with your requests 

Where Simplicity Meets Versatility
Please contact us with your specific requests, and we will prepare a free estimate.
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Or send inquiries to:

Component Signage, Inc.
   PO Box 6573
   High Point, NC 27262
Our Pan sign system utilizes an in-house fabricated aluminum pan and internal frame that is manufactured to last.  Our pan design is unique in that it keeps ease of installation and maintenance in mind.  Unlike other competitors that use multiple clips or angles that all must be leveled up to the mounting surface, our pan signs incorporate a single fabricated frame that is squared and true.  Simply place a level on the top of the internal frame, mount the frame to the wall, and then slide the pan over the frame and replace the included set screws.  Custom pan shapes and depths are available upon request.

Prices Include:

  •   Up to 2" Pan sign depth
  •   Paint (1) standard color

Optional Pricing:

  •   Up to 6" pan sign depth
  •   Custom color