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Hinged Vandal Cabinet System
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CSI now offers samples on many of their popular architectural sign systems for $50 each (shipping included).  These samples showcase the quality and durability of our sign systems and are perfect for your showroom or next meeting with a client.  The best part is once you sell a full-sized sign of $300 or more in value, we will credit back the $50 on that order thus making the sample free!  
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*NEW* Sample Money-Back Program
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*NEW* CSI-405 Wall Directory System
CSI now manufactures the Hinged Vandal Cabinet System. It features a two-part frame design, with a hinged inner frame which is designed to hold clear acrylic or polycarbonate material to keep the media safe not only from vandalism but from the elements. The cabinet can house various materials such as changeable-letter tracking, corkboard, paper grippers, digital prints and vinyl graphics, or can be magnetized to hold virtually any paper material. The system is also great for indoor directory signs that house various slats for tenants or wayfinding solutions.

CSI can fabricate the system for wall mount applications, mate them to any of their extruded posts for a freestanding sign, or integrate the system into a monument style sign for a vandal proof changeable letter board for schools or churches.

We can also back light or edge light the cabinets with energy efficient LED’s and provide them UL Listed and ready for installation.

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New for CSI's product line is a thin profile, easily changeable wall directory system.  It consists of a 1-5/16" deep frame that holds up to 1/8" material and integrates H-bar for separating the individual panels.  The side is easily removed via countersunk hardware and the panels can be slid out and easily serviced.  

As pictured, custom shaped tops can be integrated into the system to meet your customer's design needs.  

Think outside the box and use this system for integrating a multi-tenant system onto an existing post and panel or monument sign.
Custom Signage
CSI offers custom signs that bring to life your unique designs. In addition to our full line of standard products we can custom fabricate using many of our standard components which allows us to quickly and cost effectively produce a one-of-a-kind sign. Whether it’s a monument, wall sign, or post and panel with accents, dimensional graphics, or a custom shape, we can help your company expand its product line.
The Industry's Go-To Post & Panel System
Join the thousands of others that have chosen the Sign Industry's most popular post and panel system: 
The CSI-330 series. 
 Because of its versatility, durability, attractiveness, and affordable price, it's no wonder why many have chosen this system for applications such as their main ID, wayfinding solution, and building identification. The system allows for easy changeability/serviceability and can easily be customized
Introducing an ALL NEW Award-Winning Product
INCISEON® Skeletonized is the solution the world has been awaiting to replace dangerous and costly glass tube neon. Prior LED replacements for skeletonized neon were problematic: too dim, lacking detail, expensive to operate, & poor quality. The need for a safer, eco-friendly solution has been needed for years.  INCISEON® Skeletonized looks just like glass tube neon, and in most cases is BRIGHTER (if desired). It's a SMARTER choice. Clients will quickly realize that investing in INCISEON® will pay for itself in months.  INCISEON® uses 92% less energy than neon.

Contact us today to learn about INCISEON® and to see how it can replace neon for you. 
Check out the video from our booth at the 2017 ISA Expo
Inciseon Skeletonized Sample
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The sample is $ 75 shipped anywhere in the contiguous US
You Spoke and We Listened
Component Signage recently had the pleasure of making a custom sign for the Arkansas State Lottery. Pictured here, the sign stands tall with Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson. 

Contact us for your custom signage needs, no matter how big or complex.  
Component Signage is now offering an illuminated sample for your showroom.  Now you can easily show your potential customers what the 3 main types of illumination are available with this sample that showcases Push-Thru AcrylicRouted Aluminum Face Backed w/ Acrylic, and Acrylic Face 
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The sample is $ 200 shipped anywhere in the contiguous US
This is Winning!  Custom Interactive Sign